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Wolfram searches for feedback

By Thomas McKinnon 3 June 2009


Wolfram Research, the company behind Wolfram Alpha, is looking for some feedback on their new ǣComputational Knowledge Engine. FULL STORY >


Bada Bing

By Mike Joubert 2 June 2009

Bing is Microsoft???s latest attempt to strangle a bit of the search market away from Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo. FULL STORY >


Manufacturing stars

By Thomas McKinnon 1 June 2009

The US???s National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California, is hoping to recreate conditions that exist at the very centre of the Sun, here on Earth. FULL STORY >


Seacom Cable arrived

By Mike Joubert 1 June 2009

After what seems like ages the Seacom undersea fibre optics cable finally arrived at Mtunzini close to Durban. FULL STORY >


HP readies new netbook for the SA market

By Mike Joubert 29 May 2009

The HP Compaq Mini 110c netbook has just been announced for the SA market. FULL STORY >


Race for a million Rand

By Thomas McKinnon 29 May 2009

ThumbWars is Vodacom???s all-new, all-South African reality show, premiering on SABC 2 next week Thursday, June 4 2009. FULL STORY >


Google phones out

By Thomas McKinnon 29 May 2009

The Dream (G1) and the Magic (G2) were unveiled last night at a function held in Fourways, Johannesburg. FULL STORY >


HP expand Total Care offering

By Thomas McKinnon 28 May 2009

HP expanded its Total Care range of products for small and medium sized businesses today. FULL STORY >


LGs new 3D LCD Panel

By Thomas McKinnon 27 May 2009

LG announced today that it has succeeded in developing a Full HD 23\" 3D LCD panel. FULL STORY >


Zune HD

By Mike Joubert 27 May 2009

Microsoft has just announced the release of their new iPod killer, the Zune HD, the follow up to their previous would-be iPod killer, the Zune. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0

By Thomas McKinnon 26 May 2009

Kaspersky Lab launched its latest version of Mobile Security, version 8.0, at ITWeb`s IT Security Summit today, held at Vodaworld, Midrand. FULL STORY >

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