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Understanding the real cost of owning a car

By Press Release 19 March 2024


Pearl Cele, Operations Manager at FNB Consumer Education says, “A car is a big purchase. Most people cannot afford to buy a car in cash. Vehicle finance is one way for people to buy a car without having to pay the full amount upfront. Instead, they can spread the cost over time through a financing arrangement.” FULL STORY >


Why White-Label Video Learning is the answer to elevating your business training

By Industry Contributor 18 March 2024

Tebogo Moleta, MD and Founder at Think Tank, explains why investing in the development of their people is critical, and how white-label video learning can be key. FULL STORY >


Connecting to the future: How fibre unlocks new opportunities for your business

By Industry Contributor 14 March 2024

Phila Dube from Openserve expands on why greater fibre availability marks a turning point for businesses and consumers alike. FULL STORY >


Cloud repatriation will top IT agendas in 2024 – here’s what CIOs need to consider

By Industry Contributor 13 March 2024

President Ntuli, Managing Director for HPE South Africa identifies key considerations for CIOs navigating the shift towards cloud repatriation, which is set to dominate IT agendas in 2024. FULL STORY >


Unleashing the power of cross-functional collaboration to thrive in the modern business landscape

By Industry Contributor 13 March 2024

Martin Effiong, Senior Operator Partnerships Executive at Infobip explains the benefits of cross-functional collaboration, and what businesses need to do to enable it. FULL STORY >


Cybersecurity strategies for cloud acceleration in financial services

By Industry Contributor 7 March 2024

BT's Todd Schoeman explains why effective cybersecurity must align to organisation’s needs and take its lead from its requirements and unpacks why security must enable, not define. FULL STORY >


Built by software: How SA’s digital revolution can transform manufacturing

By Industry Contributor 4 March 2024

With manufacturing playing an important role in national development, sector stakeholders and enterprises need to invest in strategies that not only take their businesses forward, but also lay the groundwork for... FULL STORY >


Providing shared services that offer excellence to everyone in the value chain

By Industry Contributor 27 February 2024

Mithum Singh, Chief Services Officer, CCI South Africa explains the bounty and benefits that the global shared services sector can bring to the country. FULL STORY >


Procurement as a service: why global demand for this approach is increasing

By Industry Contributor 6 October 2022

Leon Steyn, the CEO of Dante Deo Consulting unpacks the procurement as a service trend. FULL STORY >


Underpinning SA’s Business process outsourcing explosion – why the tech stack is crucial

By Industry Contributor 27 September 2022

Andre Olivier from Borwood Group explains why the tech stack is as crucial as call centre service level agreements when it comes to business process outsourcing FULL STORY >


Veeam to capitalise on modern data protection opportunities In Africa

By Industry Contributor 13 September 2022

Chris Norton, the Regional Director for Africa at Veeam Software, outlines the company's growth strategy. FULL STORY >

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