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What’s that gadget that you just can’t live without?
My iPod touch!

How do you keep yourself occupied on your way to your next gig during a road trip?
I try to read a lot. I bring a few books with me wherever I go. I’m always listening to my iPod as well.

So which local artists are you currently listening to? Is your dad present?
I’ve got all my dad’s albums! I’ve also got some Nude Girls, Just Jinjer and Arno Carstens.

And the most shocking act on your iPod?
I listen to all kinds of music so I do have a lot of random stuff like West African music and traditional Southern Blues. I also have Imogen Heap, which I suppose is kind of girly…ha ha.

Do you still buy CDs or do you do your music shopping online?
I still buy CDs, but if it’s an overseas artist that hasn’t been ­released in SA yet then I go through iTunes.

How is your Facebook presence working out for you?
It’s going really well. Online presence is so important these days as the music industry is moving towards the internet as a primary platform for artists. For this reason I’ve tried to focus on maintaining frequent online interactions with fans to keep people in tune with gigs and new releases etc. I also have the fan-club on my website to keep people informed about what I’m up to.

PC/ Xbox 360/ PS3/ Nintendo Wii?

PC or Mac?

What’s next for Jesse Clegg?
I’m performing solidly till the end of the year and doing promo for this album, we still have two more singles to go so there’s still a long road ahead. I’m also working on new material and will begin recording middle of next year.


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What are your plans for the holiday season?
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Working through my gaming backlog (1 votes)
Having a staycation and catching up with all the things that need to be done in my house or apartment (0 votes)
Travelling internationally (1 votes)
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