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How’s your international following developing?

Really well. Our first show in London two years ago was played to about 40 people, while we recently played London to 900 people and we’ve been booked to play a venue in February to 1500 people. We’re also starting to get attention in places like Holland, Denmark and Russia and the best part is visiting a lot of those places for the first time.

Tell us a little bit about your partnership with Sony Ericsson on bringing out Stardust Galaxies.

I think it’s a great step in music embracing technology. Technology is ever evolving and ultimately the cellphone is becoming an all encompassing gadget for communication and entertainment. The launch of our album on Sony Ericsson is an indication of big business and artists embracing that fact. I’d like to think that both parties are forward thinking, it’s a first for South Africa and a first for a big corporate to embrace it on a local level. I hope to see it as a continuing partnership.

How does it feel to have your own “Parlotones Edition” Sony Ericsson W995?

Pretty darn cool, I think it’s a really funky brand which we’re really happy to align with. And the W995 is a brilliant phone. It is a music fan’s dream come true. The sound quality is awesome and we are super happy to have our album playing off of it.

What’s your favourite gadget/ tech product at the moment? Besides the W995 of course.

I’m a big fan of the PSP, a brilliant hand held mobile gaming device which when travelling comes in ‘HANDY’.

How do you feel about illegal copying of your music?

I’m against it – how would any citizen feel if every month someone stole 10–20% of their salary. That’s essentially what it’s doing to the artists. Yes – there are those artists where it doesn’t matter but they make up 5% of the musicians, the other 95% are struggling and there in lies the problem. If people continue to do it music will become diluted.

So have you ever copied some songs that you haven’t paid for?

In all honesty yes I have from friends in the past, but I no longer do. The artists I did copy however, I ended up buying.


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