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Nicolas Rolland

Jayson Mac Gregor

Sales Manager, Toshiba SA

The move to a total Multifunction Printer (MFP) solution can be a confusing one. Jayson Mac Gregor, sales manager at Toshiba SA, gives us some hints and tips to help SMEs choose the right option.

TechSmart: When should an SME start looking at an MFP to replace their laser/ inkjet printer?

Jayson Mac Gregor: See to it that you're getting a total Multifunction Printer (MFP) solution that includes print, copy, fax and colour scan. There should also be 80 GB hard drive present for document storage, plus private print or secure print functionality for confidential printing. If you want to keep your costs under control then also see if a department and user management standard is included for staff monitoring.

TS: Should they rather buy or rent?

JR: If an SME is looking at expansion, keeping up with the latest in technology and getting full tax rebates, rental would be the best option.

TS: What should customers look out for when renting?

JR: Of foremost importance is to find out the escalation rate and for what period the contract runs. Also check what happens to the equipment when the contract expires, and if the contract renews itself and for what period. Make sure your service contracts runs in conjunction with your rental contracts and ensure that, should you upgrade your rental contract, the settlement is outstanding rental x period. Don't get penalised with a service settlement.

TS: What constitutes good after sales support?

JR: Good after sales callout time should be between four and eight hours. The majority of automation companies should offer the SME a CPC (cost per copy rate), while an additional rate can ensure faster response time. When phoning in a problem the call centre should be able to identify the problem and advise on the down time.

Contact Jayson Mac Gregor on 011-796-4889 for more details. 

Should an SME look at full blown MFP, Mac Gregor suggests:

  1. Rental for 36/48 months at a fixed rate for expansion and technology.
  2. Take an all-inclusive Cost per Copy contract.
  3. Make sure all the rental options are given to you at the end of the contract - get this in writing.
  4. Make sure the upgrade options are explained in full.
  5. Before leaping into any contracts make sure a proper analysis has been done.



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