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Hot on the heels of Intel with their Core i-range, is AMD with its announcement of the immediate availability of its Phenom II X6 processor and accompanying 890FX chipset. AMD’s fastest and most tunable PC processor, their flagship Phenom II X6 1090T Black edition, is also available from today.
AMD’s six-core Phenom II X6 processors sport a new Turbo CORE technology feature that allows it to transfer performance to three dedicated cores operating at a higher speed, shifting into Turbo mode for performance hungry computer games and feature-rich productivity software. During Turbo mode demanding programs may utilise two or three cores or even all six of the Phenom II X6’s cores. Gamers can tune their system’s settings by employing AMD's OverDrive 3.2.1 utility  in order to tap every bit of performance from their Phenom II X6-based system. If your current system is an AM3 or AM2+ socket motherboard (with proper BIOS support), you can upgrade to the new processor without having to invest in a new motherboard. 
The 890FX chipset features ATI CrossFireX technology and supports the use of up to four ATI Radeon HD graphics cards. Many of the new motherboards that sport the AMD 890FX chipset also feature USB 3.0 to allow for the fastest data transfers and file synchronisation between the PC and your USB 3.0 memory stick or external HDD.  
“With AMD Phenom II X6 processors, discerning customers can build an incredible, immersive entertainment system and content creation powerhouse,” said Bob Grim, director of client platform marketing at AMD. “AMD is answering the call for elite desktop PC performance and features at an affordable price.”


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