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Storage and network security solutions company Iomega, has announced the new Iomega Personal Cloud technology, a data protection and remote access solution for small businesses and consumers that gives them control of their own Personal Cloud without complexities and extra costs.  
Iomega president Jonathan Humberman comments: “Using the expertise of EMC, the world’s leader in cloud technology, we have transformed our next generation NAS devices into cloud servers that users can access anywhere, anytime. In addition, by buying two or more of our NAS products, you can remotely backup your onsite data to an alternate location – be it your office, home or some other location – giving consumers and small businesses the ideal disaster recovery plan that’s easy to implement and economical, too.”
Iomega Personal Cloud will be available worldwide beginning this month with the launch of the new single-drive Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition, available in 1 TB and 2 TB capacities. Iomega Personal Cloud is also a built-in feature in the new Iomega TV with Boxee, launching in February.
How the Iomega Personal Cloud Works
Users of Iomega’s new NAS devices can create their own Personal Cloud in just minutes and are able to invite up to 250 members (devices) into their Personal Cloud, giving business contacts, co-workers or personal friends and family around the globe the ability – determined by the user – to copy and share files directly between computers as though they were all together on a local network. 
When inviting others into the Personal Cloud, new users receive an email with a link and an authorisation code that automatically installs the Iomega Storage Manager, creating a shared drive letter on their desktop. 
Data is accessible only on the Personal Cloud by those who have the appropriate permissions to access it. Safeguards, such as AES 128-bit encryption and secure logins, can be enabled to protect data while in transit on the internet. 
According to Michelle Kasselman, key account manager of Iomega South Africa, Iomega’s Personal Cloud is a revolutionary web-based computing architecture that connects your Iomega network storage device to other individuals and/or devices via the internet. “Unlike most public and private cloud applications, Iomega’s Personal Cloud technology is completely self-owned – the content and accessibility is always under your control. Best of all, there are never any usage fees or subscription charges; instead, Iomega gives small businesses and consumers a great value for cloud access and protection,” she says.
For more information on the new Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition, go to


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