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Ahead of the rAge Expo coming up the end of this week at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate, Kaspersky Lab has announced that it will be is on hand provide insight on crucial security to online gaming fans.

Often consumed by the excitement of the game itself, many online gamers do not realise the crucial importance of effective security around gaming. It is with this exact premise in mind that Kaspersky Lab continues to support the rAge expo - as it provides the perfect platform to engage with gamers to educate and offer the insight needed to ensure a safe and uninterrupted gaming experience, said Sergey Golovanov, malware expert at Kaspersky Lab. 

The Kaspersky Lab exhibition stand will be situated at stand M of the rAge Expo floor. Kaspersky ‘Virus Assassins’ will be available throughout the event to provide crucial insight into effective security measures for online gaming fans and visitors will also have the opportunity to test any Kaspersky Lab product they wish.
According to market research firm Nielsen, in the US, online gaming accounts for 10.2% of time spent on the internet. Golovanov explained that such a statistic provided proof to the fact that online gaming is a growing industry that produces impressive revenues each year. He added that the world of online gaming moves very quickly across countries – with each year new and exciting games being released, while an ‘army of players’ continuing to develop.
“As with any online action that shows high activity and growth, the online gaming world has become an attractive one to cyber criminals - evident by the recent hack of a popular gaming console which proved detrimental,” he continued. The company added that it had noticed that online games nowadays are of more interest to cyber criminals than social networking sites such as Facebook.
For example, in its May 2011 spam report, Kaspersky reported that 4.67% of all phishing emails that occurred were intended to steal passwords for the popular free online game RuneScape. As a result, this platform made its debut in the top 10, straight in at number 3 - way ahead of World of Warcraft, which is the most popular online game in the world.
In related news, AVG released a report warning about a cyber crime catastrophe, in which the human user was found to be the weakest link.


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