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It’s not too often that a company releases an app update, and then promptly urges not to download it.
That however, is exactly what accompanies the new Kindle for iOS update, as apparently the new version has a nasty side effect of completely erasing one’s Kindle library on the device.
Admittedly, this isn’t devastating, as one’s content is safely stored in the cloud, but it can be particularly annoying, especially for those with larger libraries, as redownloading all one’s titles can be a time consuming process.
In short, this means that if you see a Kindle update version 3.6.1 waiting for you on your iPad, don’t be too quick about pressing that update button. Indeed, the release notes for the update contain an advisory by Amazon not to install it. The good news though, is apparently Amazon is aware of and releasing a fix for the problem, and version 3.6.2 which is set for release today, should address the issue.
Inadvertently though, the Kindle snafu highlights another issue that iPad users may wish to heed, and that is being a bit more prudent before updating their apps.  
To the point

Even though it is easier to simply ignore release notes and click update all in iTunes, this may carry a cost. Additionally, it not too uncommon for app developers to actually break existing features – or introduce new bugs – when a rolling out a new update. As the saying goes, buyer, or in this case, user, beware. 


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