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Is music piracy in decline? Well according to a survey coming out of Britain it sure looks like it. Conducted by media and technology research agency The Leading Question, the survey suggests that UK music fans are no longer downloading music illegally, instead they\'re rather opting to stream music over the Internet.
A thousand music fans were interviewed with some interesting conclusions.
•    The overall percentage of music fans file-sharing regularly (i.e. every month) has gone down since the last national survey. In December 2007 22% regularly fileshared tracks, but in January 2009 this was down to 17%, a comparative drop of nearly a quarter.
•    The biggest drop in those regularly file-sharing occurred amongst 14-18 year olds. In December 2007 42% of 14-18s were filesharing at least once a month. In January 2009 this was down to just 26%.
In the UK 65% of teens are streaming music regulary (i.e. each month), with Spotify, YouTube and MySpace the most popular sites being used.
There are now more UK music fans regularly buying single track downloads (19%) than filesharing single tracks (17%) every month, though the percentage of fans sharing albums regularly (13%) remains higher than those purchasing digital albums (10%).


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