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NAVTEQ, a leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data enabling navigation, has announced that it has acquired 3D modelling company PixelActive.
This acquisition will assist the company in accelerating the expansion of its mapping strategy from 2D to 3D, as well as providing further opportunity to leverage 3D technologies for all NAVTEQ products.
PixelActive’s Cityscape product has been utilised by NAVTEQ in the development of product offerings such as 3D Junction Objects and 3D City Models. The purchase of the company will improve NAVTEQ’s ability to efficiently manufacture products in a 3D environment.
“Future developments in navigation and other location-enabled solutions will rely heavily on 3D mapping capabilities,” said Cliff Fox, executive vice president, NAVTEQ Maps.  “Putting this critical product architecture in place will provide a foundation for the rapid creation of 3D content and keep NAVTEQ on the forefront of the industry.” 
“The acquisition of PixelActive underscores NAVTEQ’s continued commitment to providing the most advanced digital maps” stated Larry Kaplan, president and CEO, NAVTEQ. “We are quickly moving to a world of 3D maps and NAVTEQ is taking the necessary steps to continue to provide our customers with a superior offering from which they can differentiate their products.”
The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


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