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Nashua Mobile has unveiled plans to extend access to its Xtreme Data service to more Nokia devices, as well as launched a premium version of the service for smartphone users with higher-end data needs.
The fixed-cost data service, which was launched earlier this year, was intended to be an alternative to BlackBerry’s Internet Service, and thus offers users data for email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and internet browsing for R59 monthly.
Growing claims
In a bid to grow its Xtreme Data community, Nashua Mobile has firstly added more Nokia devices, to include the Asha 300, 303 and 201.
It noted that these devices sport the newest Nokia browser, which boasts up to 90% compression when browsing. This should be welcome news to users who want to keep their mobile expenditure below the R200 mark per month while still benefiting from optimal data consumption.     
Additionally, the company introduced its Xtreme Data Premium offering, intended to cater for both higher-end smartphones and more demanding mobile data users.
Phones that will be able to take advantage of this service include higher-end Nokia devices, such as Nokia’s Lumia family of smartphones, which includes the Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710 and 610.
Premium advantages
The Xtreme Data Premium service, which will cost R139 a month, will offer users 400 MB of high-speed data before the Average Use Policy (AUP) kicks in and the data service is throttled or shaped. This is 300 MB more than is available on the R59 Xtreme Data Service before the AUP similarly takes effect.
However, Nashua Mobile stressed that even when the AUP does activate, in most cases, users will only notice the slower download speed when streaming data or downloading apps or games. For everyday services like WhatsApp, email, Facebook and browsing, this should not adversely affect the user experience.
Additionally, on the premium offering, YouTube is not blocked, unlike its cheaper counterpart.
To the point
The company explained that, while the Xtreme Data service is currently exclusive to Nokia devices, users can look forward to other platforms being added to the service soon.
At R139 a month though, like with the cheaper version of the service, we still think the premium offering is welcome news, particularly for those for whom a flat fee also brings a measure of peace of mind.

In recent news, Nashua Mobile introduced a credit protector insurance offering as a value-added service for its cellular contract subscribers, along with a new tablet insurance offering. 


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