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BlackBerry holding company Research In Motion (RIM) will reportedly be rolling out a new music subscription service, dubbed BlackBerry Music. This service will enable BlackBerry smartphone users to obtain 50 music tracks per month to listen to and share with their BlackBerry-equipped friends.  

According to the All Things Digital (ATD) tech site, users of the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker’s mobile devices will pay $5 (around R36) per month for fifty songs, which they’ll be able to share with their friends.

They’ll only be able to have access to these tracks on their BlackBerry devices and music can only be shared with their friends that utilise BlackBerry devices and are also subscribed to this upcoming service themselves.

The website stated that the company is in “late-stage talks with the big music labels” and that it is looking to roll out a beta version of this service in the States, Canada as well as the UK early next month.

RIM is reportedly also negotiating global licenses with the music labels, to launch the BlackBerry Music service in other territories around the globe during 2012. No specific information is known about when South Africa will receive this music service.

In related news RIM also recently announced the availability of the latest (BBM 6) version of its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) IM application, BlackBerry Management Center, as well as five new BlackBerry smartphones.


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