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Wireless charging technology looks to be the way of the future with companies such as Samsung incorporating this functionality within its latest high-end products such as the new Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Samsung and Qualcomm have joined other technology firms to form the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), an independently operated organisation tasked with promoting the global standardisation of a wireless power transfer technology.

This organisation aims to develop product testing, certification and regulatory compliance processes, as well as to foster industry dialogue with regulators on wireless power policy development. In addition, the alliance is also targeting a broad base of consumer electronic devices, in order to establish a global wireless power technology ecosystem.

The A4WP will focus on a new wireless power transfer technology that provides “spatial freedom” for charging of electrical devices in cars or on surfaces like tabletops. This technology will also enable multiple devices to be charged at the same time.

KiHo Kim, executive VP and head of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Media and Communications research and development center explained that A4WP will accelerate the commercialisation of this technology. Kim went on to say that this alliance will contribute to the expansion of its market.

“As a founding member of A4WP, Samsung is committed to supporting standardization of wireless charging technology boasting spatial freedom, contributing to the eco-system, and exploring possibilities of a variety of services.”

Benefits of wireless charging

Some of the benefits of this new wireless power approach include the ability to transfer power through non-metallic surfaces, a transmitter and receiver antenna design that is easily implemented within products, and a simple wireless power control system.

The A4WP expects to achieve this capability without the need for costly multi-coil repeaters, which are required for similar systems. A single specification will address simultaneous charging of multiple devices ranging from very low power products, the likes of Bluetooth stereo earphones, through to power hungry mobile devices such as tablets.

“Qualcomm is delighted to be involved in this dynamic initiative to set the standard for wireless power. WiPower Technology by Qualcomm is ideally suited for a forum like the A4WP. As a leader in delivering enabling technology solutions, Qualcomm is helping to define the next-generation consumer electronics experience,” said Derek Aberle, executive VP and group president of Qualcomm.

“Going forward, we hope to welcome additional companies and organizations who are looking to contribute towards setting the best possible standard for wireless power,” Aberle concluded.

In other Samsung related news, the Korean tech giant recently managed to dethrone Nokia
as top global mobile phone vendor after 14 years, and then went on to knock Apple off the top of the worldwide smartphone sales charts as well.


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