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According to Nowgamer, Valve is rumoured to be in the process of implementing a new system in which Steam users can trade in their download licenses, just like second hand games.

At present, when Steam users can only delete unused games delete games.
In a recent interview with Nowgamer, influential industry analyst Michael Pachter stated that Valve is in the process of pursuing a new digital trade-in model.
"Steam is phenomenal, it's a great service, Steam gives gamers enough stuff so that they don't resent the fact that they can't trade in their games. And you know, name all the Steam games that you've purchased that you've traded back in to somebody else for credit. Steam's about to let you do that supposedly, you know like trade and exchange, but they're going to take a fee from it."
Establishing a trade-in system like this would undoubtedly please a lot of frequent Steam users and it could very well mark the beginning of a very successful new second hand games market.
At this stage no information is available as to how exactly such a service would be implemented or how pricing would take place though. Valve has not commented on the matter as of yet, but if it is true this might spell the beginning of a powerful new force in the world of PC gaming.


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