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Nothing motivates one more than the Olympic Games.

Having just ­celebrated 17 days of human physical prowess we should all be ­itching to engage in some form of physical activity. The ideal gadget to keep you ­motivated is the Nike+ ­SportBand. This clever little device fits a bit like a watch (a function it possesses) and when connected wirelessly to a sensor in your shoes will track your distance, speed and time. We tested the ­device with a pair of Nike Lunar Lites which are loaded with materials innovations and technology.

The SportBand looks slick and is slick. To set it up logon to and download a Nike+ Gadget. Once installed just plug the nifty “Link”, its electronic face which detaches from the wrist band, into your PC via USB and you’re away. You can calibrate the device via the gadget and even join the world’s largest running community at well over a million members. Challenge other runners and join the Nike+ Human 10K Race to be held world wide – plus every step taken will count towards charity.

With an RRP of R599 it’s a great gadget for any runner and is available at Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports.


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