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Logitech is aiming to relegate sticky, grimy keyboards to the past courtesy of its new waterproof, spill-proof, and dust resistant Washable Keyboard K310. This eye-catching keyboard sports a stylish dual-colour design that features a black keyboard with white keys, resulting in a nice contrast.

Unlike conventional keyboards, the K310 can be hand washed with water and soap in the kitchen sink. You can even submerge the device (sans the non-water-resistant USB connector cable) in up to 28 cm of water. For smaller cleaning jobs, a small brush, housed at the back of the keyboard takes care of brushing away dry crumbs or hair for instance.

Besides being easy to clean, the K310 is also simple to dry out, since the back of the keyboard has holes to help facilitate draining off water and air drying.

Typing experience

During use, we found that the keys are a bit stiffer than those of a normal keyboard initially, but you soon get used to this. There are also hinges at the back of the keyboard, allowing you to raise your typing position if need be. Unfortunately this is a wired offering and not one of Logitech’s smart wireless units. Even though the typing experience was comfortable overall, we did wish for a bit more elbow support such as a pull-out palm rest for instance, which helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or cramping during extended typing sessions.

Ebony (body) and Ivory (keys) live together in perfect harmony on this stylish and practical keyboard.

To the point

The K310 is comfortable to type on and makes it easy for clean-freaks and clumsy PC users whose keyboard ends up consuming as much coffee and soda as they do to keep their keyboard as clean as the first day they unboxed it. This washable convenience does come at a price though, with the K310 boasts a recommended retail price tag of R600, for which you can otherwise buy a premium wireless mouse and keyboard combo.


Comfortable keyboard.
Device is easy to clean.
Handy hinges on the back to raise the typing position.
Eye-catching contrast between the colour of the keys and the keyboard.


Not the cheapest keyboard money can buy.
No pull-out elbow support to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.


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