By Mike Joubert 4 May 2010


Holux’s M-1000C GPS logger is a matchbox sized device that requires only for you to switch it on to start tracking your movements. It’s a hassle free method to log routes while travelling by car or to keep track of training while cycling or running. Active hikers can also pop this in their backpack when on a hike, or, for those taking a trip overseas, the Holux provides an excellent way of recording your journey. Afterward you can download the data to view the route on Google Maps or Earth, or export it for SARS inspection if you need to keep track of your kilos.


The M-1000C makes use of the extremely powerful 66 channels MTK MT 3329 chipset that tracks 32 satellites. It consumes very little power and the battery is rated at about 20 hours, to be recharged via USB or the included travel power supply. A Bluetooth connection enables you to connect the device wirelessly to your notebook, so you can navigate on your monitor since HandyMAP Ai Standard navigation software for PC and Pocket PC is included. The only criticism that can be levelled against it is that it doesn’t contain a button to record points-of-interest such as the Holux M-1200E.
Available from for R950.
Dead easy to start tracking, one button operation, HandyMAP software included from PDA Shop.
No points of interest logging button,

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