By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2009


The GO 920 is TomTom’s premium device of the moment, and as such comes with every feature imaginable. The best bit about the device is that it comes preloaded with maps for Southern Africa, ­Europe, the US and Canada.

The device features a 4.3-inch widescreen touch display and is very neat weighing only 220g. It looks very smart too with its subtle grey colouring and obvious build quality complementing any car interior.

Three of the more exciting technologies the device boasts are its Enhanced Positioning Technology, voice address input and Map Share. EPT is a technology which allows the device to determine your position even when you can’t receive a satellite signal. Voice address input is the ability to say aloud the city, suburb, street and number of the location you wish to navigate to and the device does the rest. While Map Share allows users to make map corrections and share those map corrections online.

In addition the device comes standard with 4GB internal memory, a remote control, hands-free Bluetooth connection, a built-in FM transmitter, a desk dock and a full complement of peripheral accessories. This wealth of features makes the GO 920 a highly desirable device, but you do pay for it at R5499 (incl VAT).

It boasts Enhanced Positioning Technology, voice address input and Map Share technologies.
It lacks a video player, can only be charged via USB and is very pricey.

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