By Brigitte 3 September 2009


The last memory I have of a fun dirty romp on the back of a horse is of some old arcade rail shooter whose name I can\'t even recall.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood will definitely be remembered, as it undoubtedly stands proud as the most authentically Western game yet on a console. It captures the rugged mood, dirty history, and gritty action of the film genre and translates it into a compelling video game experience. However you need to keep two things in mind. Firstly that deep down, after you strip away all the prairie dogs and the dusty hats, you still have yourself another first person shooter FPS. Secondly, as Juarez is inspired by a genre that\'s had a less than inspiring history on any console, it mixes up the experience well enough that any future FPS referencing a similar source material will have a new memorable benchmark to measure up to.

Now I don\'t know if it\'s my own fault for playing far too much Call Of Duty, but I couldn\'t help but find the gameplay a little similar every time I loaded up my six shooter and rode into authentic dusty old ghost towns, open desert areas and rickety gold mines. But when I said authentic, I mean authentic. It\'s quite easy to get lost in the environment and the whole experience of an old Western when a hail of bullets rains down on you. Plus there aren\'t a whole lot of other FPS out there that can have you proudly say "Me and my trusty steed".

Call of Juarez doesn\'t try to break any boundaries, the action changes up a bit every now and again as the game gives you the liberty to casually roam about town, helping people out and using any extra cash that you make to upgrade weapons. It doesn\'t feel tacked on and you don\'t really have to do it a whole lot so it doesn\'t detract from the main story.

Ultimately, play Call of Juarez Bound in Blood if you\'re a fan of the genre. Play it if you\'re up for a truly unique and comfortably satisfying experience. It won\'t satisfy any diehard FPS gamers, but for those seeking a genuine Western experience on the console, you\'ve likely already bought it.

Exit that old saloon, saddle up and blaze those twin six shooters.

Authentic Wild West feel, the visuals are amazing and the shootouts intense.
Its just another FPS no really innovation in the genre.

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