By Thomas McKinnon 7 July 2008


ETQW was well received on PC but has to date ­received mixed reviews on PS3. So what’s the verdict?

This objective-based, online multiplayer FPS pits the human GDF against the alien Strogg. The game is ­supposedly based in 2065 and is a prequel to Quake II. The PS3 version, however, offers little context or training. There is no ­single-player ­campaign-mode so you’ll have to learn as you go. A draw back with console is the fact that it ­supports only 16 ­players, PC supports 32. Quake Wars is about co-ordinated squads. There are 12 maps to complete each with a series of objectives. The choice of class is at the heart of the game; engineers, medics, soldiers, field-ops, and covert-ops – with Strogg variations – each possessing unique abilities. The learning curve is steep but worth it with some inventive features. Once online with a good squad you’ll be hooked. But PC remains the platform of choice.

The maps are huge and there is a bunch of new weaponry to play with.
There is no campaign mode and the online multiplayer mode on supports 16 players.

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