By Thomas McKinnon 6 March 2009


Tipped as a PS3 console sales driver and a platform competitor to Halo 3, much rests on the success of Guerrilla’s Killzone 2. Does it measure up to the hype?

You assume the role of Sev, an elite soldier fighting for the ISA. Two years after surviving the Helgahst attack on your home world you are tasked with invading theirs and capturing their leader, now doesn’t that sound like fun?

Killzone 2 is ultimately a tightly scripted game, which does get a bit frustrating at times. Its AI is greatly improved, by comparison to it predecessor, and is truly a challenge on more advanced difficulty levels.

Ingame graphics are excellent with highly detailed, destructible environments. The game’s standout features are its outstanding 7.1 surround sound support and the use of the Sixaxis’ motion sensitivity capabilities for things like opening valves. One thing that did irritate though was the ingame loads which occur as a result of the game running directly from the disc.

Whether or not Killzone 2 will become more than the hype it generating remains to be seen, there can be little doubt however that it will set a much needed FPS benchmark for a PS3 exclusive.

Developed by Guerrilla, published by SCEE and is ­distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment.

The game is very well paced and the online play is engaging.
The ingame loads and linear storyline get a little frustrating.

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