By Brigitte 27 May 2009


The only thing that gets me hotter than Riddick is being outside during a heat wave.

So, while I slowly unwrapped my new Chronicles of Riddick game I literally got goosebumps in anticipation. I\'d played Escape from Butchers Bay on PC and loved it, so the thought of a whole new adventure in HD featuring Vin Diesel convinced me to get my boyfriend out of the house, and make no plans for an entire Saturday. Luckily I wasn\'t disappointed.

Firstly, the original game has been given a makeover and comes to life in HD like it never did before. And I congratulate Atari on a job well done because it feels like hooking up with an old, dear friend whose been hitting the gym, and although his awesome personality and charm have stayed the same he\'s just so much nicer to look at ;-)

You still have the great tension that the original brought to the table with its patient sneaking in the shadows and compelling story. There\'s still the same great voice acting regardless of whether it\'s Vin\'s raspy quips or a blueskin\'s muffled scream. What makes it so great is how easily all of the elements flow into each other because the game flies without you getting bored for a second.

Now let’s get onto the new game - Assault on Dark Athena. This story immediately follows the events of Butchers Bay and makes one wonder whether poor Riddick ever has a moment’s peace to himself.

Visually it\'s identical to its predecessor and most of the gameplay has also been ported straight in, leaving me a little disappointed at the lack of creativity.

Luckily the characters involved in this story are very strong and once again backed by the same high level of voice acting as its prequel.

In terms of missions it\'s more of the same and if you\'ve just played through the first game you\'ll probably be a little irritated half way through this one because of the lack of originality displayed.

However if you are a die hard Riddick fan, like me, then it\'s hard not to like a game focused around him. I would hope that the next game introduces something different, but as long as they never dip below this quality I\'ll be happy.

Suspense in the game is intense. The storyline is compelling.
The gameplay is far too similar to its predecessor making it feel a little unoriginal and light on innovation.

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