By Johan Keyter 20 July 2010


Built on the success of last year’s wildly popular Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, the next iteration in the series brings an unparalleled virtual golf experience to the Nintendo Wii.

This next installment in the wildly popular franchise sees a range of improvements such as the ability to play the Ryder Cup, a fun new mini golf mode, new courses and an improved online mode which now supports Disk Golf.


Although Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is also available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which offer High Definition gaming, the Wii’s motion based interface makes it arguably the best platform for the game (at least untill we see the Move and Kinect introduced in SA).

Using the Wii MotionPlus, introduced in last years title, greatly increases responsiveness, but the game plays just fine on a standard Wii controller as well.

Getting into the swing of things proved quick and painless and before we knew it we were staring down at a perfectly recreated virtual golf ball, wondering how best to hit it.

This is where the new first person ‘True View’ camera comes in. In this mode the players’ point of view is just like that of a real golfer, looking down at the pin. This innovative mechanic really makes it feel like you’re teeing off on any of your favourite golf courses from around the world.

Instead of using analog sticks or buttons, players are required to swing the controller as though it is a real golf club. After surveying the course using the innovative camera system players simply point the Wiimote at the ground, tap the B button, hope for the best and swing for gold.

After you’ve hit the ball you can control its spin in the air by turning your wrist or using the directional keys on the Wiimote.


The game features a variety of difficulty settings, which allows everyone from complete amateurs to pro armchair golfers to find it challenging and fun. The ‘All Play’ option is recommended for the beginner and aids players by showing them the arc in which the ball is going to travel.

If you feel skillful enough to go pro you can use the games ‘Advanced Plus’ and ‘Tour Pro’ swing settings, which is recommended for experts only. This offers serious Wii golfers the chance to experience an even more realistic and demanding game.

When playing in either of these modes the slightest movement of your hands moves the remote, you can even miss the ball completely in these modes, sending up a tuft of grass to signal your failure.

Be warned though - the higher difficulty modes can share the depressing difficulty of real golf, so be prepared for some frustration. It does add several more hours to the game though as you learn how to precisely control your virtual clubs.

Game Modes

The multiplayer modes in PGA Tour 11 remain largely the same as last year’s offering. Players can battle it out on online leaderboards or enter one of the many EA sponsored online tournaments available.

Career and Season modes remain largely unchanged, allowing players to create their ideal golfing champion or live out their wildest golfing fantasies (like winning the British Open by seven strokes - congrats King Louis) first hand.

Players now also have the chance to play the full Ryder Cup, with the Welsh courses beautifully recreated. Just like the real tournament, in the Ryder Cup players choose their team (US or Europe) and pick a selection of eight players to take on the opposite team in a series of two-person and single matches.

A nice thing to see in this version is the improved AI, with the computer also making mistakes which the player can use to capitalize upon. The Ryder Cup is also playable by you and three friends offline.

Mini Games

If you’re like us and are simply looking for a casual golfing experience, PGA Tour 11 obliges with the new minigolf mode. This mode features a different physics system and is aimed more at fun for family and friends than serious golfing.

Four courses make an appearance in the minigolf mode including an ice encrusted course as well as a racetrack. It isn’t the most difficult mode, but it ensures a lot of fun for everyone involved - a welcome break after some nerve wracking holes in the main game.

The disc golf mode also returns, a perfect companion to the minigolf mode for some multiplayer fun. An online mode has also been added to disc golf, greatly improving the mini game’s scope and lifetime.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 builds on the successes of the previous game, and while many see it as a ‘safe’ sequel due to its limited changes this didn’t stop it from delivering a fresh golfing experience to the Wii.

The game can be immensely challenging or ludicrously easy, giving both amateur and pro virtual golfers something to enjoy. The mini games also add some glamour to the title and finally the online modes ensures hours of competitive gameplay.

In our opinion, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is a fitting sequel to one of the greatest golf games ever, and with the advent of motion control the game has transcended some impressive boundaries.

The True View mechanic, along with the courses, players and overall atmosphere of the game cements this title as one of golfings greats.
The Wiis graphics leaves something to be desired on the visual side.

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