By Thomas McKinnon 6 January 2009


In this year, 2009 that is, all indications are that we will  experience a ­massive growth in the amount of digital content available,  ­particularly high definition content. HDTV will experience greater market ­penetration, blu-ray discs and players will ­become more ­common features in home ­entertainment, more home movie makers will be ­standing ­behind HD camcorders and of course HD ­gaming will become common place.

In anticipation, more ­people are rushing out to buy HD television sets than ever before, almost without considering the alternative for even a second. HD projectors, more than just flamboyant buys, offer flexibility and can work out far cheaper than purchasing a large screen LCD TV.

The Mitsubishi HC1500 can project images from ­between 40-inches and 275-inches diagonal in HD. You couldn’t hope to buy a HDTV set that offered a 275-inch screen for under a million bucks, principally because they don’t make them that big. Although we don’t really recommend projecting ­images that huge as the ­picture quality won’t be ideal.

The HC1500 also provides an image brightness of 1600 Ansi Lumens, a contrast ratio of 2500:1, a native ­resolution of 1280 x 720 and a 16:9 (wide screen) aspect ratio.

As a DLP projector you get superior brightness and contrast ratio to what you could get from an LCD projector, but thanks to the use of a TI DDP3020 Dark Chip 2, the HC1500 can match LCD projectors for ­vivacity of colour and great screen size over short ­projection distances.

The quality of the ­projector is most notable in flesh tones (human flesh colouring on screen), black levels and shadow details, which are all excellent. ­Basically you get the HD ­experience you are looking for from a projector that costs only R16 899 (incl VAT) and has a lamp life of up to 3000 hours and a 3-year guarantee.

Personal demonstrations can be arranged – call ­Jannie on 082-853-3257 or Billy on 072-243-3004 for more info. To purchase call EMS?Africa on 011-482-4470 or connect to

The quality of this HD ?╝projector is most notable in flesh tones black levels and shadow details, which are all excellent.
It is a bit noisy in bright lamp mode, but not overly so and the projector has limited zoom range.

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