By Robin-Leigh Chetty 4 November 2014


Samsung has been in the Smart TV game for quite some time now, integrating social media and web browsing into their TVs to give them a foot up on the competition. Sitting among its mid-range offerings is the Series 6 6200 Smart 3D LED TV, which too features a range of enhancements to ensure it has an edge over other offerings.

Internet on the big screen

The 6200 is a sleekly styled TV that wins in the looks department, but it’s Samsung’s Smart Hub and 3D viewing capacity that are the real crowd pleasers. The latter however requires purchasing 3D compatible glasses separately. Moving back to the Smart Hub system, it allows users to integrate their social media and Skype accounts, as well as browse the web and view YouTube videos. In the mix too is the ability to access a number of applications from the Smart TV marketplace. Games however, are not up for grabs.

On the whole these enhancements worked well, but did not hold sway over the smartphone or tablet alternative, and we’d struggle to see how users would revert to their TV for social media interaction over their smaller devices.

Keeping it simple

In terms of looks, the 6200 remains fairly innocuous, with a relatively thin black bezel around the top and sides of its frame, available in either a 40” or 48” LED display (1920x1080) touting versions. Added to this, is a faux chrome quad stand, offering 30 degrees of swivel in either

direction. Priced to retail for R7 000, the 6200’s LED-based display performs well, whether you’re viewing content on it via a dish, media player or online. When you add to the mix its social media integration and app compatibility, the 6200 can become the central hub that one’s entire media library is built around.

Easy to setup; Solid image quality in multiple viewing angles; 3D functionality added extra
Social media integration performs well but does not offer better alternative to tablet or smartphone

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