By Thomas McKinnon 11 December 2008


Comfort, durability and responsiveness are three of the primary characteristics most gamers look for in a keyboard. The Cyber Snipa Warboard, with its amour-plate, mock-carbon fibre industrial-like finish, is all these things.

The Warboard is ideal for fast paced FPS, RTS, RPG and MMO gaming thanks to its macro keys. There are a total of ten macro keys, five on either side of the keyboard, which can be programmed to execute a specific string of actions. This means you can perform actions that would normally require multiple keystrokes, more likely than not in a very specific order, with the single touch of a button. There is even a button to toggle between two macro modes, which means you can program 20 keys.

It is also packaged with a rubberised wrist rest that can be removed or attached at your convenience and removable custom keys, making it comfortable and easy to use over long periods. The custom keys, which include weapon and directional icons, are honestly only beneficial to novices as most pro’s don’t look at their fingers when playing. The keyboard’s two chief drawbacks is the lack of backlit keys and the fact that the macros cannot be programmed in-game.

With a retail price of just R339 excl. VAT the Warboard is also hyper affordable. Get it from Axiz on 011 237 7228 or visit

Great ergonomics and up to 20 programmable keys
The keys are not backlit and macros cannot be programmed in-game

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