By Andrew Gould 1 April 2009


Our IT infrastructure is improving steadily and we will soon have properly fast broadband.

As a business it might be a good idea to leverage this technology and replace your business landlines with a VoIP system. There are number of factors that make VoIP viable for business use and one of the first you might want to look at is saving money.

The Yealink T28 IP phone can handle up to six individual lines, each with its own standalone configuration. Some people may ­consider VoIP inferior to ­normal landlines, as it is perceived that the voice quality won’t be as good. But here you will get much higher definition voice quality. This is thanks to the G.722 voice codec that allows for more of the frequencies in the voice to be heard over the handset and hands-free.

Due to the fact that it’s an IP phone, you are able to receive a host of extra features via the Internet. These include SMS, online advertisement, weather reports, real-time billing and more.

The Yealink comes with a RRP of R1880 (incl VAT). Phone Nology for more info on 012-657-1317.

It supports up to 6 VoIP lines, each with a standalone configuration ad HD voice quality.
It is an expensive device and making calls to landlines costs just the same as using Telkom in South Africa.

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