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Review: ErgoProp by Ergotherapy Solution
Review by Thoriso Kolobe

Being in front of a notebook all day does not allow for much freedom of choice in terms of sitting positions. You are forced to hunch towards the screen while typing, typically ending in back, neck and wrist pain after a long working day.

The Ergoprop notebook stand is an easy-to-use device, designed for a more comfortable typing experience. In terms of design it couldn’t be easier, since this plastic stand has a leg at the back that tilts your device at an angle. Take the Ergoprop out the box, click the leg into place, place your notebook on top, and you’re set. It is made of plastic so it’s easy to carry around, although we suspect its size (300 x 255 mm) might become a problem.

There’s an instant change as you start typing, since you’ll notice the angle of your eyesight shifting. The notebook is no longer flat on the desk but lifted at about a 30 degree angle, a benefit of which is that it immediately alters your posture for the better. This allows for a straighter back, a more comfortable arm position, and since the angle at which your wrists rest is also improved, less cumbersome typing. The stand has a tight grip on to the desk which stops it slipping around while typing, and it certainly improved my working experience.

Another benefit is that the Ergoprop has die-cut holes in its body, allowing your notebook to be well ventilated from below. Its biggest downfall, however, is that the angle is not adjustable, which can provide problems for the tall or the small, or if your desk is not the standard height off the ground.

For notebook users who are struggling with back pain, the Ergoprop might just be an easy solution to a painful problem. It retails for R300 and is available from

Very little setup problems, no slip, ventilation for your notebook
Only one height setting

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