By Mike Joubert 24 April 2014


If you’ve ever cleaned your teeth with an electric toothbrush, you know that you can actually feel the difference it makes. Oral-B’s Trizone 500 does things slightly differently, since instead of the regular rotating round head, it offers a triple zone cleaning action. You receive a pulsating “Power Tip” that’s for those hard to reach places, sweeping bristles that clean between the teeth, and then stationary shorter bristles that takes care of the surfaces. This head is replaceable once worn. 

There are a couple of things that we liked about the Trizone. It is thinner than previous electric toothbrushes we've had, while the battery also lasts a long time. We managed close to two weeks before a recharge was needed. You also have a little timer that briefly stops the pulsations on the half minute to make sure you brush the full two minutes that the dentist says. At 20 000 pulsations a minute, our teeth were sparkly pearls. The Oral-B Trizone 500 retails for R600.

For even more cleaning action, try the Trizone 1000 (R1 000) that buzzes at a massive 40 000 pulsations a minute.

Disclaimer: Oral-B did not ask for the unit to be returned.

Thin, Good battery life, Time indicator
Make sure it's turned off before you clean it under the tap since it can be splashy

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