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“Battery swelling” are certainly not words any smartphone manufacturer wants to hear, especially when it comes to your latest device. This, however, seems to be the case for Apple, with the Guardian reporting that the company is investigating “multiple reports” of the new iPhone 8 Plus popping open due to batteries swelling up.

In accounts coming from a far afield as Greece, Japan and Canada, the aluminium construction of the devices were forced open due to elargement of the batteries.

The Guardian notes that due to the large geographical spread of the faulty units, it is believed that the problem might not be reserved to just one batch of defective batteries. Working alongside local carriers who collected the defective devices, an Apple spokesperson said the company is “looking into the issues”.

The 8 Plus features a non-removable Li-Ion 2691 mAh battery, which supports Qi wireless charging.

The question now is whether or not these problems were isolated incidents, or part of a wider problem. The iPhone 8 Plus went to market on 22 September, but is still due for release in certain parts of the globe, including South Africa (coming 20 October). Luckily for Apple, its problems are not on par yet with Samsung’s smartphones exploding


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