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Arrested Development fans are rejoicing today for a number of reasons. Firstly, season five received a new trailer, and secondly, also a release date. It’s coming to Netflix starting 29 May, yep, this month still. This comes after the rather poor season four received an edit, in order to remix the episodes from one-episode-per-Bluth to the mixed-up style of season one to three.

Indeed, season five has a lot to apologise for, and we’re holding thumbs that maybe, just maybe, the team got it right this time. All the signs are there, with one of the main themes being Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) running for politcal office, wanting to be “part of the problem,” as she calls it. It’s no wonder that Michael (Jason Bateman) is seen leaving soon after, not wanting to be part of this disaster waiting to happen. Will he be there when the Bluth family receive the prestigious Family of the Year award (as created by themselves?). Well 29 May is the time to find out.

There is a sweet little website that the Bluth family have created to endorse their bid to be Family of the Year, and it will stand any Arrested Development fans in good stead to visit now.


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