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If the prospect of heading to an amusement park set in Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic world wasn't creepy enough, a new trailer for the game's Nuka-World DLC has appeared online. Akin to the early black and white Disney cartoons, it features Bottle and Cappy, two Nuka-Cola mascots that detail all the health and safety regulations in Nuka-World. 

In usual Fallout 4 fashion, everything appears to be going swimmingly, until all manner of mishap befall our two cartoon characters. Unfortunately the unimaginatively named Bottle bares the brunt of the abuse, being decapitated, shot repeatedly and mauled by a mob in the process. As such, it appears as if his ‘friend’ Cappy is pretty sinister in his own right. 

Fallout 4 gamers will be able to "quench their thirst for adventure" on 30 August, when the Nuka-World DLC releases on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Until then, give the disturbing promo video below a watch.  


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