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Successful blogger and photographer, Anna-Belle Durrant runs She Said, where she explores her love of travel, food, design and of course Jozi and its people. After her recent participation in the Canon Roadshow, TechSmart thought it wise to catch up and chat about her work and passions.  

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TechSmart: How did you choose your camera equipment? What additions have you made that enhanced your photography?

Anna-Belle Durrant: My selection of the Canon 6D was based mostly on its Wi-Fi capabilities. Since social media and blogging are a big part of my life and work, the need for instant high quality images is paramount. Secondly, the quality of the camera itself came into play - it needed to be a full frame DSLR.

Since then I've added a few lenses, flashes and a few things more, with the most notable additions an 85mm f1.8 and a 40mm f2.8, which I now use most often.

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Where do you find inspiration? Also, are there any photographers that you look up to?

Mostly on Instagram, it's just such a great source for discovering work. It’s possible to spend hours and hours on it finding new photographers, then thinking about ways I could create my own images inspired by them.

Of course I love Annie Leibovitz, who doesn't? I'm constantly astounded by her ability to tell stories through her photographs. I'm also inspired by an American photographer called Roon, his work is definitely the direction I want to move towards.

A photo posted by Anna-Belle (@shesaidsa) on

A photo posted by Anna-Belle (@shesaidsa) on

Catch Part 2 of our Canon Series chat with Anna-Belle next week. In the meantime, find more of her work here:

She Said website

Top image of Anna-Belle taken by @nicoleoh_


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