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Marlene Neumann has been called one of the best female photographers in South Africa, and having a look at her portfolio it's easy to see why. After recently discussing her favourite lens and darkroom technique, we continue by talking about advice to students and getting over a photography slump. 

TechSmart: Being involved in teaching photography workshops, what do you think is the number one piece of advice your students can walk away with after doing such a course?

Marlene Neumann: During weekend workshops at my Centre for Photography and Light in East London, I teach the students to photograph from the same place I work from and that is from within. Photography happens inside of you. Many students struggle to take what they see in their mind. There is a difference, and I teach them how to connect the dots between mind and heart photography. 

In many photographers' lives there comes a point where photography becomes tedious and boring. What do you recommend doing to overcome this period?

I think if you are tired of photography you are tired of life. For me you can't separate the two. I’m capturing images all the time, even when I don't have my camera. You have to find your ‘mojo’ again since it means you have become disconnected from what inspires you. I have always claimed photography happens inside of you – it is not having a good eye it is beyond that.


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