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After discussing his best shot and the favourite lens in his bag, we asked shark photographer, Chris Fallows about any hot new gear he has recently acquired.  

Canon 16-35mm II

Chris Fallows: I just traded in my old Canon 16-35mm II F2.8 lens for the F4 version of the same lens. It seems sharper in the edges and so far I am very happy with it.

TechSmart: Keeping your lens clean anywhere near the coast is a major hassle, how do you manage this while shooting out on a boat?

Chris Fallows: LOL, hmm this certainly is not for the purists, but what I do is always try to remember to wear a soft cotton t-shirt under my weather gear. This allows a quick cleaning option rather than having to go back into the cabin and start messing around with lens tissues which can blow away or lens fluid. Being cold on most days, a quick bit of exhalation and then a rub with my t-shirt does the trick. 

For more of Fallows' work, visit his art store.


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