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Tomorrow, Google plans to unveil a handful of new devices at its #madebygoogle event. Two of the devices in question will be the new Pixel smartphones, as Google aims to drop the Nexus brand name. 

As has become the trend for high profile product unveilings, a 'mistake' has occurred and a page for both the Pixel and Pixel XL were found on UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse's website. The page has since been pulled, but not before Android Police got a full rundown of the device's features, as well as a few images too.  

To that end, it appears as if the Pixel (5.0") and Pixel XL (5.5") are designed to showcase Google's array of mobile applications, instead of outperforming the competition for a specifications perspective. Both devices will, for example, sport Google Allo, the company's recently released AI assistant, as well as the Duo video chat application. 

Added to this may be unlimited storage for Google Photos, along with no mention of microSD storage, which could mean these are designed to leverage the cloud if users want more memory. There will also be a USB Type-C port for fast charging, with Live Case-eque customisable covers also being spotted. 

While this mistake does dull some of the mystery surrounding the devices, the two Pixel phones will not be Google's only products being debuted tomorrow, so tuning into the YouTube live stream at 18:00 (SAST) tomorrow is advised. We'll also be live tweeting all the details from @TechSmartMag, to keep you in the loop.


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