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It seems like every Hollywood studio is trying to create an extended movie universe. Marvel is well on the way with its own, with the upcoming Avengers film evidence of this, and DC is following suit with its Justice League project.

The latter however, has struggled to find the kind of success that its rival has, with the majority of recent DC films failing to impress fans and critics alike. The one exception though, has been Wonder Woman, and it appears as if DC and Warner Bros. will be using it as a template moving forward.

According to a report from Vulture, the pair will be placing less focus on the interconnected movie universe it has been cultivating over the past couple years, instead emphasising the creation of standalone films. It seems to have worked well with Wonder Woman's origin story, and with rumours of a Joker prequel, as well as Matt Reeves' (War for the Planet of the Apes) Batman film also trying to be less connected to the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), the move might be the best way forward.

While the full details have not been hashed out, or indeed confirmed by DC, Vulture notes that there could be two separate approaches for future films. There will be a handful of connected extended universe movies such as Justice League, continuing the narrative that Batman v Superman laid out. Added to that will be a different set of films totally free from that DCEU, such as the aforementioned Joker flick which Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York, Wolf of Wall Street) is said to be making.   

With some of the best superhero films in recent memory, such as Deadpool, free from the confines of studio influence, DC may be making the right call in the long run.


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