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Destiny 2 is the game that's currently on everyone's radar. The sequel to 2014's original title, Destiny 2 officially launched on 6 September last week, exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One consoles, and has garnered 1.2 million online players as of 9 September, according to its developer Bungie.  

The company confirmed the news via Twitter, which is fairly good going considering it's only been available for a few days, and will not land on PC until 24 October. While the numbers are strong, they're quite a way off of titles like Overwatch, which mustered seven million registered players by the end of its first weekend, although that release was cross-platform. 

Nevertheless, despite a few early shader-related concerns from gamers in the opening couple days of the game's release, Destiny 2 is shaping up quite nicely. The true test, however, will be the first raid (Leviathan) on 16 September, as well as its PC release late next month. 


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