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By Fred Mitchell, Software Solutions Division Manager at Drive Control Corporation (DCC)

Global digital transformation is enabling organisations across industry to gain more insight into their information, assets, and operations. However, with the continued proliferation of sophisticated technology comes new levels of security vulnerability.

The threat landscape has undoubtedly become broader; today’s cybercriminals have added some additional and downright frightening skills to their modus operandi. For example, ransomware attacks have extended to now include supply chains and grid infrastructure.

Attacks are also more complex. As organisations move toward hybrid cloud environments, so do hackers find more avenues to exploit. Add work/home employee strategies and you have a smorgasbord of possible vulnerabilities and catastrophic outcomes.

To mitigate the above, many organisations are now ensuring that their company information is protected, whether accessed at an employee’s home or at the office.

With the move toward harnessing the benefits that come from both digitisation and digitalisation, we’re also seeing an increase in data silos.  Organisations are not prioritising the integration of these data streams which exacerbate not only security vulnerabilities but also leads to overworked security professionals. 

Considering the above, which is arguably the tip of a massive iceberg, what should organisations do to gain the most from their digital journeys whilst ensuring they safeguard valuable organisational information?

  1. End-to-end visibility. When integrating data, organisations will also gain more insight into the threat landscape and accordingly develop security strategies to identify areas vulnerability which will evolve as organisations harness more from their digital journey.

  1. Accelerated detection and response. Companies need to install comprehensive and automated monitoring systems to secure user data, no matter where it lives — on the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid mix of both. Also, security teams will feel less overwhelmed.

  1. Improved cyber resilience. Coupled with the right security solutions, a data-centric strategy can play an invaluable role in growing businesses. Gaining insight into organisational data offers a myriad of benefits and growth opportunities.  

Symantec by Broadcom’s Integrated Cyber Defence (ICD) Platform delivers Endpoint Security, Information Security, Network Security, and Identity Security across on-premises and cloud infrastructures, to provide the most comprehensive threat protection and compliance to organisations and their digital migration strategies.


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