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So in case crashing in the Himalayas, surviving an encounter with an apparently unhinged cult with a  curious dress sense and staying alive in a hostile wilderness wasn’t enough, here is yet another threat for Ajay and you to try make it through. Yes, you guessed it, Yetis.

The impending Valley of the Yetis DLC will bring players face to uh, snout, with the mysterious and fearsome snow beasts. As the trailer below hints, apparently the snobbish royal elite in A Knight’s Tale weren’t the only ones who thought a man had to prove his worth.

More seriously though, this impending piece of DLC, due on the 10th of March, along with that incoming for Lords of the Fallen and The Evil Within, begs another question: will your free time actually survive March’s assault, or will you need to book off some vacation time to make a longer term visit to your couch?


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