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One of the new elements in Mortal Kombat X (review) is the option for gamers to choose Factions. With five in total to choose from, each with their own group of playable characters within the game, gamers’ XP and Kredits all go to an online tallied score. Last time we checked, it was the White Lotus Faction, headed up by our personal favourite, Raiden, which was in the lead.

Now, NetherRealm are adding a similar format to their Mortal Kombat Cup tournament, as the local Gauteng leg of this competition readies for this weekend. Spectators will now be able to get in on the action, by choosing from one of the five factions. A faction leaderboard will be on display throughout the tournament, with spectators being able to see how many points their particular faction has amassed during each stage of the Mortal Kombat Cup. Gamers taking place in the tournament will also choose their faction of choice, and represent their respective factions.

Added to this, a lucky draw will be done from the pool of winning faction spectators, where a Mortal Kombat Cup hamper will be up for grabs.

If you're interested in registering as a spectator (all local qualifying legs are fully booked for participants), or want to find out where the Mortal Kombat Cup is happening in your respective city (Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg) - Get Over Here!


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