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Google has big plans for virtual reality. A few weeks ago it detailed its Daydream View headset, and now Engadget says it will have a standalone offering on the way. The new device is said to work sans mobile device (which the Daydream requires) or computer in order to operate. While a definitive unveiling is still some distance away, Engadget have been told that this VR headset will be able to track wearers’ eye movements.

Added to this, will be sensors and algorithms to calculate and map out the real-world space in front of the VR headset user. Having these two systems in place would allow wearers to have digital objects displayed better in their environment says Engadget. 

Along with working on a new range of sensors, Google is said to be integrating processors from Movidius, in order to handle the tracking and positional awareness of the headset. Furthermore, the new project will remain separate from Google's current Daydream VR platform. 

Will this new offering cater to advanced forms of VR applications and have less of a gaming focus than the Daydream View? Hopefully, more information is forthcoming.

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