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The social interaction that board games allow is difficult to top (just ask the folks over at Table for Six), but getting a group of people together is not always easy. For those times when you are all by your lonesome and longing for a bit of tabletop gaming, the latest Humble Bundle is a good fit. The Humble Weekly Bundle Tabletops also ties in nicely with international TableTop Day happening tomorrow (11 April).

As always you can pay what you want and get certain games free, or pay more to unlock extras. Small World 2 (Complete Pack), Magnifico and the multiplayer version of Talisman (+ Frostmarch Expansion) are available for your own specified amount. We think the sweet spot lies paying $7 or more to also receive Ticket to Ride (Complete Pack), 100% Orange Juice (+Syura & Nanako Character Pack), and the classic Catan: Creator’s Edition.

An interesting proposition for board gamers with a bit of dosh, is shelling out $32 or more to unlock the special Humble Tabletop Box, which presents something physical rather than digital. The Tabletop Box includes a custom game box, Humble Bundle Playing Cards, five 6-sided dice with the Bundle logo, and "Robber" and "Drifter" black and red wooden Meeples. You also receive four metal game tokens representing classic indie games including:

• Raz's Hat and Aviator Goggles (Psychonauts)

• Goo Ball (World of Goo)

• Bandage Girl (Super Meat Boy)

• Josef (Machinarium)

The price includes shipping across the globe, so don’t feel excluded here at the Southern tip of Africa (although trusting our post office is another story).

As always there are charities involved, this time round charity: water and the Save the Children foundation.

If you still have some dosh left and looking to stock up on your reading material, head over to the Humble Sci-Fi Book Bundle 2 for books by Mike Resnick, Peter J. Wacks, Cat Rambo and Kevin J. Anderson.

Check below for a few previews on some of the games on offer.


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