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There were many things wrong with 2016's Suicide Squad, with one of the worst parts being Jared Leto's (Blade Runner: 2049) portrayal of the Joker. The Oscar winning actor's version of the Clown Prince of Crime was part pantomime villain, part Jim Carrey on steroids, and did little to win over fans of the character.

That said, there could be a chance of redemption, with Variety reporting that Leto is set to star in and executive produce a standalone Joker flick, with the opportunity to have a number of sequels featuring the iconic DC villain.

According to reports, the film will try to distinguish itself from the way the character was brought to life in Suicide Squad, as well as being far different from the versions that will appear in the Harley Quinn spin-off and delay-plagued Batman movie.

Whether fans are interested in seeing the character again following the bad taste that Suicide Squad left in the mouth remains to be seen. Another issue would be where to focus on for the film, as the Joker's mysterious origins has always been one of his greatest attributes.

Perhaps the recent DC Rebirth storyline could serve as inspiration, which involves the regenerative Lazarus Pits and the theory that there have been multiple incarnations of the Joker over the centuries.


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