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We know a giant offer when we see it, and for this one manga fans can head over to Humble Bundle. The latest offering is The Humble Manga Bundle: Attack on Titan Universe by Kodansha, providing what should be hours of reading pleasure.

If you purchase the full bundle, you receive Vol 1-22 of the Attack on Titan manga, and a whole heap of other related titles.

For those on a tight January, however, $1 will get you Attack on Titan Vol. 1 – 5. Dosh out $8 or more and you receive Vol 6 – 15, Vol 1 – 2 of Lost Girls telling the story of Annie Leonhart, and No Regrets, which gives the full juice on Levi and Erwin’s encounters.

$15 gets you Vol 16 – 20 of the main series, and Vol 1 – 11 of the prequel Before the Fall. The spin-off, Junior High Vol 1 – 4 is also thrown in for good measure, and sees the main characters rather strangely back at school.

With $18 from your credit card you ensure the complete package, which includes the final two volumes of the main series and Spoof on Titan Vol. 1 – 2. It also bags you some hard to get goodies, such as the Attack on Titan Guidebook and the Exclusive Artbook that features some of Hajime Isayama’s original art.

If you’re looking for even more comics, head over to Humble Bundle Fan Favorite Graphic Novels, which contains a bunch of titles from publisher Top Shelf. 


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