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One of the longest running franchises in the RPG game arena, it appears as if Metal Gear Solid is finally ready to make the jump from the console to cinemas, as the first writer has signed on for the live-action adaptation of MGS. According to reports from Deadline, Jay Basu is the writer in question, and although his writing accolades have remained small till now, he has worked on a number of British films and series (Fast Girls, Monsters: Dark Continent). 

He has reportedly signed on to write the screenplay for the film that Universal Pictures is aiming to put in motion. The film will draw inspiration straight from the 1998 RPG classic, as Snake (still with all his limbs and eye intact) infiltrates the secret facility of Shadow Moses and stops the FOXHOUND unit. 

Games have long been a source for Hollywood blockbuster material, but have been somewhat hit and miss over the decades. We're hoping that this proposed MGS film will change all that. For now, Basu is the only talent signed on, as a director and lead actor for the role of Snake are yet to start churning in the rumour mill.   

In case you needed a refresher on the original 1998 MGS title, click on the trailer below for a little late 90s gaming nostalgia. 



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