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By now you should be well aware of Netflix's library of original TV series and movies, which includes the likes of Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Death Note and Okja. On the animated side of things though, the streaming platform has only had a handful of original titles to offer, such as Voltron: Legendary Defender and more recently Castlevania. Now a few more anime titles are being added to the roster, and Netflix has debuted trailers for them in order to garner some interest. 

Scroll down to see which original anime are coming to Netflix. 

DEVILMAN crybaby

Based on the manga by Nagai, the story of DEVILMAN crybaby is as old as time itself. A demon possesses the body of a dead boy, then falls in love with a human girl and has a change of heart. With an animation style akin to Persona and Tokyo Ghoul, this forthcoming anime should serve up equals parts weirdness and blood. 

Release date: 2018 (TBA)

A.I.C.O - Incarnation

There's plenty going for A.I.C.O - Incarnation, especially as it's being developed by the iconic anime house, Bones, which is responsible for series like Eureka Seven. It also ropes in the directorial talents of Fullmetal Alchemist's Kazuya Murata. As for the story, it's a mix of science fiction and coming of age.  

Release date: 2018 (Q2)


This anime is for the gamblers, and tackles the fairly niché concepts of luck and chance, as well as trying to add some drama to the world of betting. This doesn't seem like the World Poker Champs, however, and has a bit more of a Baccano! feel to it. As such, if you like your anime a little different from the usual tropes, this might be up your alley.   

Release date: 2018 (TBA)

Fate/ Apocrypha 

A mythical Holy Grail War is the focus for Fate/Apocrypha. As such, plenty of religious iconography, as well as large-scale battles will be on show here. Fate/Apocrypha borrows much of its stylings from anime like Claymore and Sword Art Online, so it should prove popular when it comes out. 

Release date: 2 December 2017


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