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While die hard anime fans are still anxiously awaiting the release of Attack on Titan's second season, perhaps a new trailer for the Japanese live action movie will offer some respite. We first detailed glimpses of it back in April this year, but now a much longer trailer has surfaced online courtesy of IGN. Just like the previous ones, we see the eponymous Titans in action, wreaking havoc on cities and destroying almost everything in their path. What makes this trailer more noteworthy however, is that we get our first look at protagonist Eren Jaeger (Haruma Miura) go into Titan mode himself. 

Eren is also joined by childhood friend and fan favourite Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara), as well as the immensely intelligent Armin (Kanata Hongó). As expected from the manga turned anime series, the scope for Attack on Titan (named Shingeki no kyojin in its native Japan) seems large, if the trailer is anything to go by, and suitably uses an extensive amount of CGI to get the action on the screen. 

As far as how deep this film will delve into the Attack on Titan lore, it seems like it will try and encapsulate all the action that fans have already seen in the first season of the anime series. While this Japanese version may not see the light of day in South Africa, it might just be the motivation that Hollywood needs for an English-language version. 

Click on the trailer below, to see Eren Jaeger go full Titan.    


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