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A new trailer has been released for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, offering up more than nine minutes worth of video of a hidden city that Lara Croft finds in the forthcoming title.

Named Paititi, the hidden city also has the distinction of being the largest hub created in a Tomb Raider game to date. Firstly, as you can see below, the scope of the city looks stunning, with wild natural elements, ruins and one of those markets that you would kill to find in an exotic destination.

And it seems like there will be loads to do. Amongst the activities that players can partake across the city’s districts are bartering for new weapons and outfits, harvesting resources and discovering hidden crypts and challenge tombs. Additionally, players will be able to interact with Paititi’s inhabitants to garner side missions, which won’t just reward with experience points and new missions, but in some cases also  flesh out the story itself.

It does seem a bit like there is a merging of some role playing game elements here with what is intrinsically an action-adventure title, but considering how well that marriage worked in Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s not an unwelcome addition at all. It also bodes well for the series that Lara’s adventure seem to be getting more intricate as the franchise develops. Take a look at the walkthrough below and judge for yourself if you agree.


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